Cooking and Food Education

Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting to learn how, cooking is a wonderful way to help people make healthy food choices.  With just a few basic ingredients you can create a meal that is delicious, saves you money and provides good nutrition for your family and friends. There is nothing like preparing a meal and eating it together to build relationships and bonds between people. Even kids can help — chopping vegetables, mixing ingredients, setting the table.  And they’ll like the food better if they’ve had a hand in creating it themselves.

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Most recently the members of the Cooking & Food Education Working Group are training our Master Cooks Corps! Master Cooks Corps is a train-the-trainer program for passionate cooks in New Haven who are interested in sharing their cooking knowledge with their neighbors and community members.

Master cook Master Cook Corps — Stirring up solutions & cooking ourselves well! 
Our first session of cooking teacher-training for passionate cooks in the New Haven community is up and running in late April / early May 2014!Do you like to cook healthy, cultural & affordable meals?
Do you want to teach others?
Then Master Cooks Corps may be right for you!More information about the program coming soon!

Or, If you’d like to learn to cook or help teach others, here are some resources to explore!

Share Our Strengths – Cooking Matters