Become a Council or Affiliate Member


Appointed Council Member

The NHFPC is composed of eleven members appointed by the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen, as follows:

  • One member of the department or organization administering the council;
  • Six members of the community personally engaged in the production and distribution of food, or in the effects of food on the local economy and health of city residents. Members may be chosen from the following fields: hunger relief, nutrition, businesses in the food sector, farming, and institutional food management;
  • Three of the members of the council are selected from the public at-large.
  • The NHFPC seeks to have a diverse group of members that reflects the demographics of the city of New Haven.

Other Requirements: As with other commissions of the City of New Haven, NHFPC members must be residents of the city of New Haven.  If a member moves from the city, their membership will terminate.

Expectations: Members are expected to actively participate in and contribute to the work of the NHFPC and its Working Groups and Committees. Between meetings, members are expected to take an active role in advancing the work of the NHPFC. Members, by attending and deliberating at the meetings and gatherings, agree in good faith to participate and act in accordance with the NHFPC’s mission, goals and principles, or, through the deliberative process, in an open manner, to alter and amend them as necessary. The general time commitment is about six to eight hours a month (one council meeting, one working group or committee meeting and a few additional hours to help advance work in your chosen topic area).

Attendance: The NHFPC meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 8:00-9:45am at City Hall.  Successful work by the NHFPC requires active engagement by its members; therefore, all members are expected to attend every meeting.  If Council members need to miss a meeting, they are asked to inform the Staff or Chair person in advance, and are asked not to miss more than three meetings in a calendar year.

Affiliate Member Organization (AMO)

In 2011, the NHFPC expanded its knowledge base and collaborations by creating Affiliate Membership Organizations. While this participant category is not contained in the NHFPC formation ordinance, these members are critical to the effective functioning of the Council.  The Council may maintain up to fifteen Affiliate Member Organizations.

An Affiliate Member Organization is an organization invited by the NHFPC to actively participate in its work in order to help the Council expand its knowledge base and increase community support. Affiliate memberships strengthen the Council’s affiliation with those organizations whose missions align with that of the NHFPC and allow the NHFPC to benefit from the expertise of organizations and their individual representatives who are not New Haven residents, or if the Council membership roster is full.

An AMO, through its identified representative, can participate in the work of the Council and in discussions that build towards consensus. Each AMO is represented by an Affiliate Member Organization Representative, an individual identified in writing to represent that AMO at NHFPC meetings.  AMOs, through their identified representative, shall participate in the work of the Council and in discussions that build towards consensus. AMO representatives are not entitled to participate in any formal vote.

Expectations:  Affiliate Member Organization Representatives are expected to help support the work of the NHFPC by participating in its Working Groups, subcommittees and initiatives, as needed, and by assisting the NHFPC in finding resources to carry out specific efforts.

Attendance:  We ask that Affiliate Member Organization Representatives attend a minimum of four monthly NHFPC meetings per year.


Affiliate Youth Member

The NHFPC also has representation by Affiliate Youth Members, individuals between the ages of thirteen and

eighteen, who are selected to participate in the work of the Council.  The new Youth Internship program of the NHFPC will help support new youth affiliate members for the NHFPC.